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Healthy But Never Boring


At Sovereign, we are dedicated to innovating Asian cuisine and dedicate our effort to making foods that are delicious, healthy, and fun for our local community.

If you have any comment or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Sovereign store and leave us your feedback on Google or Yelp.

Pioneer of Asian Cuisine

Sovereign will always challenges the barriers between culture and adventure toward new possibility and flavor Asian cuisine has to offer. You might hate some and love many of our dishes. However, Sovereign will always strive to be DIFFERENT and remain the pioneer of Asian foods and drinks.

Good Vibe and Good Food

Our team are always ready to serve you. As Sovereign’s esteem patrons, you deserve nothing beside EXCELLENCE from our team and foods. 

Good Food, Good Drink, Good Vibe

Foods that Empower

Sovereign’s hand-crafted menu revolve around nutritious ingredients and delicious flavors that seeks to nourish you body and fuel you to all “impossible” possible. We believe that Health is Wealth. With great food to fuel your body, you can live fearless and dominate life.




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